State budget deal reached

No decisions on housing yet.

As reported in “Newsday”:
Overall, the 2013-14 spending plan would increase spending by less than 2 percent, to about $136 billion. That rises to $142.6 billion when federal aid for superstorm Sandy is included.

They hope to get the budget enacted by Sunday, one week before the fiscal deadline. Issues not yet decided include:

Economic development councils. Legislators have charged that Cuomo, who appoints the councils, has too much control over the hundreds of millions of dollars allotted to the panels. Leaders said they are still working on details to increase legislators’ sway.

School aid. The Cuomo administration said the overall increase statewide would be about $1 billion, though a good chunk of that would be “pension stabilization” funds and not traditional aid. Traditional aid increases would top $600 million, though details weren’t final.

Minimum wage. Lawmakers are set to raise the wage from $7.25 per hour to $8 by Jan. 1 and to $9 by the end of 2015. They are still discussing whether “tip” workers, such as waiters, will be included.

Funds for the disabled. Cuomo has proposed cutting about $120 million, or 6 percent, because the federal government reduced New York’s funds after saying the state overbilled. He said the reduction would be smaller but gave no details.

Utility tax. The 18-A surcharge, imposed in 2009 after the stock market meltdown, will be phased out over three years — beginning next year. Lawmakers said they were still working on how much it would be reduced annually.



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