Rural Advocates go to Albany

Thank you to everyone who was able to make the trip to Albany to visit with your legislators this week. As you were surely told, it’s important to visit at home in the district AND in Albany during session when you are able in order to make your point among so many interests.

As we have all come to understand, legislative work  is a moving target, but we have one united message and that is:
“Rural Resources are precious and we must maintain the commitment to rural areas through a community based housing program.”  We have asked for consideration for funding for small rental projects that are right sized for our community and for increased resources for owner occupied housing rehabilitation through the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation. These are reflections of the needs of the communities we work in.
Please remember to follow up and thank your legislators for their continued support of affordable housing.  We have been told that the budget will be done early and that one house bills will be negotiated quickly, so don’t wait!

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