Your comments are needed on the Deficit Reduction Plan

The NYS Assembly have scheduled hearings on the Governor’s Deficit Reduction Plan.  Oct09DRP_LocalAssistanceReductions Those are cuts to current year contracts. How will these cuts hamper your ability to provide affordable housing services? testimony nov 2009 should address the following:

  1. How has the economic downturn facing the nation and State impacted the economy of New York?
  2. What are the impacts resulting from the State Fiscal Year 2009-10 budget deficit?
  3. How would the Governor’s DRP proposal to reduce the current year deficit impact programs and services supported by the State?
  4. How would the Governor’s proposed DRP impact your organization?

Given the nature and extent of the current year budget deficit facing the State, are there any policy alternatives that were not incorporated in the Executive DRP proposal that should be considered?

Check Hearing notice20091015 for more information. Twenty copies maybe sent this week if you cannot attend.

The Senate finance committee has also scheduled hearings down state on October 27th.

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