Annual Meeting Oct 28-29 at the Otesaga


Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009 Otesaga Hotel

registration – $35 made payable to the NYS Rural Advocates or pay at the door

Legislative Roundtable Begins promptly at 10 AM

Affordable housing during the next legislative sessions- the issues/ the ask

Special guest: Vito Lopez, Chair, NYS Assembly Housing Committee

UPDATE: Special Legislative Session may force Vito to cancel

12:30- 2:00    Buffet Lunch- Otesaga Main Dining Room

2: 00-  5:00   Meeting Resumes

5:30-   7:00   Reception

7:00 PM         Dinner- Main Dining Room

Thursday, October 29, 2009

9:00- 11   Meeting Resumes- Legislative Strategy, continued

Financial Report, Membership Report, Election of Board and Officers, Adoption of Advocates Budget, Approval of Contracts, Schedule of Meetings for the Year

One thought on “Annual Meeting Oct 28-29 at the Otesaga

  1. Charlie Kalthoff November 20, 2009 / 11:05 am

    Hi all greta to see everyone at the RHC conference. I just sent Vito a thank you for his support and comments just a reminder if you haven’t yet. also I wanted to begin on the video thing for the NYSRA. I was planning on a multi video thing breaking projects into senior, family special needs, etc and having these run concurrently in the hall if we can use it nancy is checking or i can do just one ongoing one. But we need pictures and short descrip[tion of funding an purpose. Please send these to and we will begin working on this. If I burned some extra CD’s do you think staff at various legislative offcies would look at thes if we left them a copy??On another matter regarding land contracts. I spent some time with David Munchnick on this and he has made some contacts with the AG’s office to pursue the matter. To my understanding there is no regulations governing these or any disclosures or other consumer protections. This may be an opportunity to raise this issue to a non money housing protection issue in this year or next. Let me know if you would be willing to provide case horror stories or other info if needed and we get any traction on this. Charlie

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