More on Rural Rent Cuts

Users of the Rural Rental Assistance Program know that this unique NYS Program allows us to leverage funds for new construction of rental housing- a program that is all be gone in other states.  Now the State is looking to cut the program- no new units and fund most of this year’s expiring units with HUD Section 8 project based rental assistance.  So it “fixes” the current crisis for this year, but what about next year? Will there be any more HUD Section 8 available?  They also have negotiated a one year decrease in deposits to project reserves to save money on rents.  Will that do these units any good? A short term solution at best

Rural Advocates Adopt Three Point Platform

NYS Rural Advocates agreed to join other affordable housing organizations in New York State and adopt a common platform. It consists of a $500 million budget request to support affordable housing infrastructure, create jobs and leverage private investments, full funding for the  non profit delivery system of affordable housing, the  Preservation Program and opposition to expanding prevailing wage requirements to affordable housing projects.  Joint meetings in Albany and in the Districts, to educate our legislators on these important points are currently being planned

Advocates Housing Budget Recommendations

Based on the input from our members at the annual meeting in Cooperstown, Advocates drafted a State Housing Budget Request

This does not reflect the NPC program and we will join with them to support their recommendations for the urban oriented program, as they support our housing requests. It was designed to be reasonable, based on our understanding of rural needs and capacity to deliver programs each year

Advocates Release Rural Housing Policy Paper

2006 Rural Policy Paper Summary

The NYS Rural Advocates released their rural housing policy summary at the Rural Housing Coalition Conference, October 10,2006. The concepts in this paper were presented during the opening plenary lunchon by Nancy Berkowitz.

Surrogates for gubernatorial candidates Spitzer and Faso then discussed their rural policy for affordable housing and community development