NYS Rural Advocates 2022 Budget Recommendations

  • Rural Preservation is an important strategy for addressing the unique challenges of rural affordable housing.  We call for full funding of $100,000/ year for sixty Rural Preservation Companies and a carve-out of $250,000 to support the Rural Housing Coalition’s training and technical assistance functions.   Recommended 2022 funding: $6.25 million
  • NYS Rural Advocates supports the New York Housing Conference’s Recommended 2022 funding for a new five year affordable housing capital plan.   Recommended 2022 funding: $6 billion
  • In late December 2021 Governor Hochul signed A.4341/S.3372 to increase the Affordable Housing Corporation program’s per unit funding limits putting additional pressure on AHC after 35 years of flat funding.  Now is the time to increase the AHC appropriation.  Recommended 2022 funding: $50 million.
  • New York’s smaller communities do not have access to funding to support the development of appropriately scaled rental housing.    Rural Advocates call for the creation of a SRDI like small project initiative within HCR’s Office of Community Renewal.  Recommended 2022 funding: $20 million
  • The lack of public infrastructure constitutes a serious impediment to the development of all forms of housing in rural communities.  NYS Rural Advocates calls for new funding for the Infrastructure Development Demonstration Program (IDDP, Article 21 of Private Housing Finance Law).  Recommended 2022 funding: $25 million
  • Homelessness continues at crisis levels in rural New York.  We support continued aggressive funding for the Homeless Housing and Assistance Program (HHAP) and its associated services programs.  Recommended 2022 funding: $128 million for HHAP and $45 million for associated services
  • New Yorker State is currently facing unprecedented rates of mortgage delinquency, tax default and increased threats to homeownership.  In order to address these challenges, NYS Rural Advocates support robust funding for the Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP).  Recommended 2022 funding:  $35 million
  • Rural New York is home to thousands of low income elderly and disabled homeowners.  Given the area’s older housing stock and the overall lack of economic resources, Rural Advocates support increased funding for the important HOPE/RESTORE and ACCESS to Home programs.  Recommended 2022 funding: $3 million for HOPE/RESTORE and $3 million for Access to Home.
  • The Rural Rental Assistance Program (RRAP) provides essential rent subsidies to some of our State’s lowest income households.  NYS Rural Advocates supports the continued partnership between New York State and USDA Rural Development.  Recommended 2022 funding: $23 million
  • Manufactured Housing is a critical component of the rural housing stock and an important source of housing for low income, rural New Yorkers.  Rural Advocates calls for additional funding for the Mobile and Manufactured Home Replacement Program (MMHRP) and for the Manufactured Home Advantage Program MHAP).  Recommended 2022 funding: $3 million for MMHRP and $5 million the MHAP.
  • The New York Main Street Program (NYMS) is a proven tool for revitalizing our State’s downtown commercial and residential elements.  New York State Rural Advocates call for a funding increase to support an expanded program and the development of a New York State Main Street Center to support the capacity to deliver these programs.  Recommended 2022 funding: $10 million
  • The sponsors and managers of affordable rental housing for seniors in our state are being overwhelmed by the human services demands of an aging population. Rural Advocates urge the establishment of a Services Coordinator Program to provide operators of affordable housing with resources and programmatic support to better meet the needs of our low income residents.    Recommended 2022 funding: $10 million
  • New York State Rural Advocates and its members find New York State’s reimbursement funding model to be counterproductive and we strongly recommend that the approach be reconsidered.

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