First Look at Executive Budget Numbers

NOTE: As we reconstruct the narrative, we find conflicting information  so will continue to update and add to the chart below

With a noteworthy commitment to housing the homeless we expect a significant amount of funding for the Housing Trust Fund and HHAP. Nearly 2 billion is proposed for 100,000 units along with $44,2000,000 for the Housing Trust Fund.  Here is part of the Executive Proposal we see in State Budget Documents:

RPC $   3,539,000 + Year 2 JP Morgan Chase funds
NPC    8,479,000  +Year 2 JP Morgan Chase funds
Rural Rental Assistance   22,292,000
Rural Community Investment Fund  35,250,000
AHC 26,000,000
Access to Home 1,000,000
HHAP 78,700,000
RESTORE 1,400,000

Additional housing funds include $4,200,000Main Street with additional money allocated as part of the JP Morgan Chase fund plan

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