Advocates Are Talking Infrastructure

The Rural Housing Coalition hosted regional meetings around the State in June and Rural Advocate Board Members took the opportunity to present an update on the  State Housing Budget.  What gaps still remain in providing affordable housing in rural New York?  Access to potable, running water and safe disposal of household waste were two housing areas with costs that present an undue hardship to those of modest incomes.  It was agreed that costs of $30,000 for those two items were pretty typical.  This amount is clearly unaffordable when combined with other structural repairs, yet a home is not considered safe and sanitary without taking care of water and waste disposal. Advocates want to hear from you. What would you consider a fair, equitable way to address infrastructure for individual homeowners that would be consistent with smart growth practices?  What range of homeowner contribution would be reasonable?  What typical costs are you seeing in the region?

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