NYS Budget Negotiations Underway

With both Senate and Assembly each  passing a one house budget resolution this week, the first meeting of the “mothership” or joint conference committee has met.  We believe there is support demonstrated from all the men and women in the room for housing and community development.

The Senate budget includes a  1:1 water quality infrastructure matching program for communities to leverage one billion dollars from the State’s Clean and Drinking Water revolving loan fund.   Senate budget calls for $700 million for regionally significant economic development projects statewide to help create jobs, $25 million for Upstate transit capital projects and $50 million for the Main Street Revitalization program to assist local governments in cleaning up blighted areas. These are all programs supported and part of the Rural Advocates Legislative Agenda.

The Assembly also supports housing and community development. While leaving RPC/NPC as proposed by the Executive, funds were shifted from 15 to 5 million for CDFI, 50 million to 0 for the Low and Middle  Income Housing Program and increased from 50 million to 110 million for Mitchell-Lama Repair and Revitalization

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