Preservation Program will be cut in Governor’s Budget

Yes, there IS some JPMorgan/Chase settlement money dedicated to RPC/NPC but the annual funding for the program will be cut without added funding from the legislature.  Care to comment to the Senate and Assembly Housing and Finance Committee on the Budget as proposed by the Governor?  You still have until February 15 to submit 10 copies, call Clinton L. Freeman, Jr. for details 518. 455.5491.  Testimony presented by the Coalition and Advocates:  budget testimony 2_5_2015

2 thoughts on “Preservation Program will be cut in Governor’s Budget

  1. Judy Calogero February 7, 2015 / 11:10 am

    Nancy, Please explain the cut. It looked to me the RPP and NPP were both funded at last year’s levels under the MIF part of the budget, plus the settlement money. Was the MIF part greater last year? Judy

    • Nancy February 7, 2015 / 11:35 am

      There was a legislative ADD to the Governor’s proposal last year. The Executive Proposed Budget of 3.539 for RPC is less than the final RPC number of 4.204 of last year. (NP was 8.479 as proposed and 10.073 final with ADD) I believe the add was an actual line in the budget. If there is no legislative ADD, the groups will get less than last year. There is RPP/NPP in the settlement funds as proposed by the Governor but is a “one shot” so most likely not to be used for general operating money but for something special, to be determined.

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