NYS Budget Deal Reached

Bills are now printed for an “on time”, April 1 budget.  The legislature did add back funding for rural rental assistance and rural and neighborhood housing preservation programs, with a line “on budget” for these programs.  This  means for FY 2014-15, RPCs and NPC should be funded at last year’s levels, with each Coalition funded at last year’s level,  $150,000. Senator Young reaffirmed her commitment to affordable housing programs in budget conference.  The big unknown is how the JP Morgan Chase  settlement   for affordable housing programs is used. The Aid to Localities language is rather vague but places the program at the Office of Community Renewal.  Another positive note is that RESTORE budget language increases the per unit allowance to $10,000 in response to input from Rural Advocates.  Many thanks to those of you who spoke up about your community needs!

Aid to Localities bill here

Capital Projects bill here includes Housing Trust Fund at $44,200,000 and AHC Affordable Housing Program at $25,000,000. HOPE/RESTORE at $1,400,000, Main Street at $4,200,000, Access to Home at $1,000,000 and Home for Working Families at $9,000,000, Rural/Urban Community Innovation Fund at $6,750,000

According to press reports,The Senate and Assembly printed eight bills just before 11:59 p.m. Friday that would implement most of the state budget. Since they made it in before midnight, it means they will be eligible for a vote Monday—the deadline for having a spending plan in place.  The budget’s education bill was introduced around 8 a.m. Saturday, well after the midnight deadline. The Legislature also introduced new health and mental hygiene legislation early Saturday morning after a version of the bill was printed just before midnight.

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