State Comptroller releases housing report

The New York State Comptroller released a report today with a county by county look at the affordability of housing.  Loaded with maps and tables, he concludes ,” In 2012, more than 50 percent of New York State’s rental households and more than 30 percent of State homeowners faced housing costs above the affordability threshold of 30 percent of household income. For both renters and owners, both the number and the percentage of households with housing costs above the affordability threshold have increased since 2000. …Both the 2012 Census figures and this analysis of change since 2000 show that a larger number of New Yorkers are struggling to pay rising housing costs at a time when real incomes have been stagnant or declining. As increasing numbers of New York households experience difficulties in paying for their housing, they may be forced to reduce their spending on other goods and services, inhibiting economic growth and undermining the potential for an improved quality of life.”

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