Endorse the Campaign: National Low Income Housing Coalition

Endorse the Campaign: National Low Income Housing Coalition.

The NHTF was authorized by Congress in 2008 but remains unfunded while the need for affordable housing for the lowest income households is at an all-time high. Once funded, the NHTF will expand, preserve, rehabilitate, and maintain the supply of rental housing affordable to America’s poorest families.

How we can achieve it: We can adequately fund the NHTF through basic modifications to the MID.
The changes are simple: reduce the size of a mortgage eligible for a tax break to $500,000, and convert the deduction to a 15% non-refundable tax credit. By converting the MID to a credit, 16 million more homeowners would be eligible to receive the tax break. Most importantly, these moderate changes would generate almost $200 billion in revenue that could fund the NHTF and expand the supply of housing for those most at risk of homelessness.
How you can take action: Endorse United for Homes!
The first step toward being part of the solution is having your organization endorse the campaign. The more endorsers we have, the stronger our efforts. Join the movement to end homelessness and to help communities across America provide affordable homes for those who need it most. We can acheive this together.

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