Community based, Rural Preservation Corporations supported

We have received word that the Governor, the Assembly and the Senate agreed to turn back the Governor’s Article 27 Community Preservation proposal and to restore funding to Rural and Neighborhood Preservation Companies under the existing Articles 16 and 17.

Members of the Senate in particular were just unwilling to leave our communities without a dedicated stream of rural specific funding.  That has been our principle goal from the beginning of this session and therefore, we are pleased with this outcome.

The three way agreement also rejected the proposal to move HHAP to DHCR.  We think that this is also a very good thing.

We understand that the particulars of funding have not yet been worked out  and will likely be negotiated today.  The Senate continues to press for increased funding for the LPA programs and Main Street and RESTORE in particular and we will be following those discussions as well.

The legislature now hopes to return Monday, and if the budget does not get passed on Monday  it looks like they will take a break for the first 2 days of Passover and return at the end of the week

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