NYS Senate Leadership becomes…

We’ll find out when the absentee ballots are counted, with our new Senate seat race, created as an R district, is currently tied 50:50.   Both Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk are declaring victory with CeCe having a small advantage- 139 votes. Every vote counts!

“With most precincts reporting in unofficial results, it appeared two Republican seats would switch to Democrats leaving the chamber tied 31-31. A new seat was too close to call.

It appeared Stephen Saland, a Republican from Poughkeepsie who voted to support gay marriage, would lose. And in Rochester, Democrat Ted O’Brien appeared to have defeated Sean Hanna. That seat had been held by another Republican who had voted for same-sex marriage.”  The TU Reports “In Brooklyn, Democrat Simcha Felder appeared to beat Republican Sen. David Storobin. And Democrats had not given up hope on Ryan Cronin’s challenge to Republican Sen. Kemp Hannon on Long Island.

Assuming Gipson (Saland’s Seat) and Tkaczyk’s victories are affirmed, if Democratic Sen. Joe Addabbo of Queens bests a challenge from New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich and Democratic Assemblyman George Latimer finishes ahead of Bob Cohen, his GOP challenger, Democrats will have a bare 32-vote majority in the chamber — with a big if.

Mainstream Democrats, who currently number 25, would have to re-unite with the four-member Independent Democratic Conference, which seceded after the 2010 elections and has flirted with Republicans. There’s also concern that Felder might conference with Republicans.”

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