Governor wants to Pull the Plug on Preservation

Governor Cuomo specifically defunded the rural and neighborhood preservation program in his budget as presented today.

Savings have been achieved! His budget states:

“Eliminate Funding for the Neighborhood and Rural Preservation Programs. To achieve savings, the Executive Budget recommends eliminating funding for the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) and the Rural Preservation Program (RPP).

(2012-13 Value: $12 million; 2013-14 Value: $12 million)”

The capital budget numbers can be found here around page 223

Not only has the Preservation Program been eliminated but these funding levels are woefully inadequate
If the Preservation Program is not funded who will write applications for these programs? On behalf of rural Communities it is appalling.

HTF  32 M (but it looks like HCR admin comes out of it)
2.2 M for Main Street
$400,000 for HOPE/ restore
AHC 25 M
Homes for Working Families 7 M
Access to Home 1 M
If you are  available to go to Albany next week please let me know.  Legislators are in session Monday and Tuesday.
Legislators are in session this week- tomorrow and Thursday, so they should be in Albany if you are going to contact them, and I hope you will!
We need to forcefully react to these cuts. Lobby Day is March 5th and 6th but I would like to organize something on February 13/14th in coordination with budget hearings. Let me know if you can be in town.

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