Getting Ready for a visit to Albany

Handouts are being prepared. Please note the links above to RPC talking points and Legislative Agenda talking points, etc.  The meeting agenda for the 23rd is as follows:

NYS Rural Advocates Annual Legislative Conference

February 23- Feb 24, 2010, Albany, NY

Tuesday,  February 23, 2010

Holiday Inn Express Albany Downtown,  First Capital Meeting Room

  • 9 AM NYS Rural Advocates Board Meeting and Bagels
  • 10 AM- Rural Housing Briefing:  Talking Points

Organize for Legislative Appointments

  • NYS Rural Advocates Legislative Agenda:  Funding and legislation of concern to Rural NY
  • Meeting with your Legislator: The Ask
  • Follow up for Success
  • 10:45, 11:00 11:30 AM  Shuttle to capitol: appointments and Affordable Housing Rally, Hearing Room A, LOB, Organized by Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of NYS
  • 11:30 AM ongoing Legislative Appointments
  • Holiday Inn Guest shuttle available please call 518-434-4111
  • 5-7 PM Housing Policy Exposition

at the Sign of the Tree , on the Concourse

  • Invite your legislators and their staff to join you in an exchange of ideas on affordable housing in Rural New York. Meet new leadership in New York State Housing. This session is open to all.
  • 7 PM Shuttle to Holiday Inn Express Downtown / call for pickup

Wednesday  Februrary 24, 2010

Appointments, LOB and Capitol scheduled until 3:00 PM

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