Looking for a Budget Update?

It’s “crunch time” for the New York State Budget with efforts underway to complete it before the April 1 deadline. What can we report? The NYS Budget deficit has now grown to $16.2 Billion dollars. A significant gap to close The Governor is playing tough with the State announcing a layoff of 6% of the State work force if there is no effort to negotiate less generous benefits for new hires in a new State Tier as outlined in the Governor’s proposed budget Although we know that both the Senate and Assembly are working on the budget, there are no open meetings and less ability  to share any information at all.

We have heard that the legislature is considering some budget restorations and RPC/NPC looks “good”, but that no new programs are being considered. Although we are hopeful, we really can’t say with certainty if this means partial restoration or full restoration to last years funding. We are less hopeful about an increase in capital funds this year but certainly see the need for one to provide not only housing but true economic stimulus resulting in local trade and jobs.

We are hopeful that there will be an adequate allocation of Rental Assistance to support a new funding round of new construction of RD 515.

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