A sigh of relief for RPCs FOR NOW

Preservation Programs were spared for now in the deficit reduction package for New York. Legislators did NOT go along with the Governor’s Proposal to cut the Preservation program in an effort to balance the New York State budget.

Anticipating that the program would be reduced as recommended, contract payments were actually cut. Now that the state budget stands through March 31, with only the six percent cut that the legislature did agree to in August, processing for payments  due to  preservation companies will begin this week for about  $9,100

One thought on “A sigh of relief for RPCs FOR NOW

  1. Nancy February 18, 2009 / 9:17 am

    CK was wondering if this might be the year to suggest that they institutionalize the funding for the housing coalitions by directing a percentage of the appropriated funding to the two state advocacy and training coalitions. There is precedent for this in the NYSDOL which allocates a portion of each county allocation to the funding of NYATEP the statewide employment and training entity John Twomey currently is the ED of this group. The OCFS requires that the Child Care Resource and Referral agencies pay a proportion of their funding to the NYS Child Care Council for training and advocacy. These groups have established roles in providing ongoing and remedial training to local entities very much as we do. But they have secure financing. Carol Saginaw currently heads this group. I am not sure if the legislation or the state agency requires this support for the state wide group but it gets them out of the separate funding allocation that our statewide entities go through.

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