Housing in Federal Stimulus Package

Attacking the Housing Crisis

·        Public Housing Capital Fund: $5 billion for building repair and modernization, including critical safety repairs.  Every dollar of Capital Fund expenditures produces $2.12 in economic return.  $4 billion of the funds will be distributed to public housing authorities through the existing formula and $1 billion will be awarded through a competitive process for projects that improve energy efficiency.

·        HOME Investment Partnerships: $1.5 billion to help local communities build and rehabilitate low-income housing using green technologies.  Thousands of ready-to-go housing projects have been stalled by the credit crunch.  Funds are distributed by formula.

·        Native American Housing Block Grants: $500 million to rehabilitate and improve energy efficiency at some of the over 42,000 housing units maintained by Native American housing programs.  Half of the funding will be distributed by formula and half will be competitively awarded to projects that can be started quickly.

·        Neighborhood Stabilization: $4.2 billion to help communities purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed, vacant properties in order to create more affordable housing and reduce neighborhood blight.

·        Homeless Assistance Grants: $1.5 billion for the Emergency Shelter Grant program to provide short term rental assistance, housing relocation, and stabilization services for families during the economic crisis.  Funds are distributed by formula.

·        Rural Housing Insurance Fund: $500 million to support $22 billion in direct loans and loan guarantees to help rural families and individuals buy homes during the credit crunch.  Last year these programs received $13.4 billion more in applications than they could fund.

·        Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Program: $10 million for rural, high-need areas to undertake projects using sustainable and energy-efficient building and rehabilitation practices.  Funds will be awarded by competition to projects that can begin quickly.

·        Lead Paint: $100 million for competitive grants to local governments and nonprofit organizations to remove lead-based paint hazards in low-income housing.

·        Rural Community Facilities: $200 million to support $1.2 billion in grants and loans to rural areas for critical community facilities, such as for healthcare, education, fire and rescue, day care, community centers, and libraries. There are over $1.2 billion in applications pending.

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