The Governor proposes to cut

Governor Patterson released his Executive Budget Proposal for New York 09/10 fiscal year. RPC and NPC cuts were made by about half which roughly translates into a cut from the current $90,900 (RPC) to approximately $52,000. Bonded capital programs are proposed for the  Housing Trust Fund  at  $29 million; $25 million for AHC and HHAP at $25 million with the usual ad on for AIDS housing. RARP and UI are zeroed out and so is Main Street.  $400,000 is proposed for RESTORE

One very large concern is the proposed cut to the Rural Rental Assistance Program. We understand that the Governor is proposing to cut RRAP by about $2 million.  We know that there is a scheme in the works to backfill the cuts to RRAP with federal Project based Section 8 but this is assumed to be temporary and will likely  not be enough to cover the entire gap. Won’t this measure deprive others from certificates? No additional adds from HUD after all.

The Legislature will be making changes to what the Governor has proposed and we are hopeful that there will be some restorations in the housing area of the budget.   We have a lot of work ahead of us if we are going to protect our hard won gains.

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